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Monday, 28 February, 2011

How To Tie The Tie

Small Knot

Cross Knot

Four In Hand

Half Windsor

Prince Albert


Bow Tie

Sunday, 27 February, 2011

Supercar turned to Taxi


Within two days the inhabitants of Rome and visit the Italian capital were able to use the services of unusual taxi - Giugiaro Quaranta. This concept was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2008, as it turned out now, the prototype was quite workable. Unfortunately witnesses, double lift supercar could only two adult people - in fourth place can seat only child. More images after the break...
For body panels Giugiaro Quaranta hid hybrid propulsion Hybrid Synergy Drive from the Lexus RX400h - 3,3-liter gasoline engine V6, electric motor and CVT, outstanding 268 horsepower and 288 Nm of maximum torque, and in addition, charge batteries from solar panels. Passport acceleration time up to a hundred - about 4,0 seconds. 




Saturday, 26 February, 2011


சீடன் Subramaniam Siva, the 3-film old director has already proved success with the blockbuster movie ‘Thiruda Thirudi’, but later couldn’t create the same impression with both his movies ‘Pori’ and ‘Yogi’ turning out to be box office disasters. This time, he seems to have come up with the idea of striking with a show that is quite different from his previous movies. ‘Seedan’ is a remake of Malayalam movie ‘Nandanam’ starring Prithviraj, Navya Nair and Aravindan in lead roles.

Subramaniam Siva picks the 9-yr old Malayalam cinema with some modifications. The filmmaker has managed to pick some good star-casts. Dhanush for instance appears in a surprising role, which indeed is quite early for his age. But then, he strikes with an impressive show. Newcomer Krishna and Ananya are live up to the expectation levels.
Mahalakshmi (Ananya), an orphan is brought up by a rich orthodox family and everyone is fond of her. One day she dreams of getting married to a handsome guy, whom appears to be in reality and is none other than the members of the rich family. She assumes that Lord Murugan has purposely given this dream and starts living under the dreams. Coincidentally, the grandson of the family Mano (Krishna) too falls in love with her and they decide to get married. But his mother (Suhasini Manirathnam) finds another match for his son and their affair faces more opposition. Maha, an ardent follower of Lord Murugan develops hatred towards the God and promises that she would never pray to him.

Off the late, Saravanan (Dhanush), a newly appointed cook arrives and starts solving the problems one by one with some surprising magic.Dhanush has done his job perfectly. He suits the space of his characterization and excels well.

Ananya on her part comes up with an justifying job, but she could have paid some attention to her physique. Rest of the other star-casts has done their roles well.Technically, Dheena scores mellisonant numbers with couple of songs sustained in our senses even after the show.

On the flip side, the film’s them is little outdated and it may not cater to the present generation of audiences. But it is a perfect family entertainer and you can go watch, sit back and relax.

Detailed Songs Review: http://www.southdreamz.com/2011/02/seedan-music-review.html

Friday, 25 February, 2011

Movie:I am number four

I Am Number Four

Brief: In the beginning they were a group of nine. Nine aliens who left their home planet of Lorien when it fell under attack by the evil Mogadorian. Nine aliens who scattered on Earth. Nine aliens who look like ordinary teenagers living ordinary lives, but who have extraordinary, paranormal skills.
The Nine had to separate and go into hiding. The Mogadorian caught Number One in Malaysia, Number Two in England, and Number Three in Kenya. All of them were killed. John Smith, of Paradise, Ohio, is Number Four. He knows that he is next.  


Full Story: John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) is an alien from planet Lorien who was sent to Earth as a child alongside eight others to escape an invading race, the Mogadorians, which destroyed their home planet. He is protected by a Guardian, Henri (Timothy Olyphant), and has developed superpowers due to his extraterrestrial nature, such as enhanced strength, speed and agility, telekinesis, resistance to fire and heat and the power to generate light from his hands.

The Mogadorians, led by the Commander (Kevin Durand) eventually discover about the nine toddlers and come to Earth in search of them. They can only be killed in a particular sequence, with three of them having already been slain. John is Number Four. Knowing this, he and Henri move from Florida to Paradise, Ohio, where John befriends conspiracy theorist Sam Goode (Callan McAuliffe); and falls in love with amateur photographer Sara Hart (Dianna Agron), whose ex-boyfriend, school athlete Mark James (Jake Abel) is a bully who often torments both John and Sam.

During the spring carnival, Mark and his friends capture John and Sara, whom they believe are in a relationship, and drag them to a cave, where they attempt to beat John up. However, he uses his powers to fend them off and rescue Sara. Sam witnesses the events and John tells him his true origin. Shortly thereafter, Mark’s father, the local sheriff, interrogates Henri on John’s whereabouts when his son and his friends were attacked, and notices that he has a high-tech surveillance system.
A Chimera in the shape of lizard follows Henri from Florida to Paradise and then shapeshift's in to the DOG's.Henri tells John that too many people are suspicious of them, in addition to John’s random displays of power, caused by his difficulty in controlling them, and that they must leave. However, John tells him he can’t because he’s in love with Sara. When a Lorian falls in love, it only happens once, and the two lovers become connected forever.
The Mogadorians start searching for John as well as another Lorian, Number Six (Teresa Palmer), who decided to go after the Mogadorians instead of running away from them after her Guardian was murdered. The Magodorians eventually locate John and manipulate two conspiracy theorists into capturing Henri. When John and Sam go to rescue him, they are attacked, but manage to fend them off. However, Henri is mortally wounded and dies after John and Sam escape with some Lorian artifacts, including a blue rock that acts as a tracking device to locate other Loriens. Sam’s father, a conspiracy theorist who disappeared while hunting aliens in Mexico, has another. While Sam searches for it, John tries to say goodbye to Sara at a party, only to discover that the Mogadorians have framed him and Henri for the murders of the conspiracy theorists, who were actually killed by the Commander, as well as being terrorists due to the their cutting-edge technology. Mark sees John and calls his father, who corners John and Sara. He saves her from a fall, revealing his powers in the process, and they escape to their school.

Meanwhile, The Commander also arrives at Paradise, blocking the exits with trucks. He is confronted by Mark and his father, and, after injuring the latter, he forces the former to show him where John is hiding, Mark then takes him to the school, which he knows is Sara’s hideout.
There, John, Sara and Sam are attacked by the Commander and his soldiers, who have brought two giant monsters to hunt the trio. They are saved by Number Six and Chimera (in dog's shape) sent by John’s parents to protect him. John and Number Six, who can teleport, block energy-based attacks, and the same basic abilities as John, fight the Mogadorians. They eventually defeat them all, including the Commander, whose energy grenades are overheated by John and explode, destroying his body.

On the following day, John, Number Six, Sam and the Chimera unite their blue rocks and discover the location of the other four surviving Lorians. They set to find them and rally them together to protect Earth from the Mogadorians, leaving Sara and a repentant Mark, who has redeemed himself by lying to his father about John’s whereabouts and returning John a box belonging to his father, that they’ll return one day to be with them.

Thursday, 24 February, 2011

Body Gestures

Some Body Gestures and Their Meanings
Body gestures say a lot about a person - whether they look up or scratch their nose, or even tilt their head.
Now, body language expert Peter Collett, author of the 'Book Of Tells' talks about the different gestures people make and what they mean.
SCRATCHING NOSE: When you're not telling the truth, you instinctively want to cover up the source of the lie - your mouth - so no one can see you're fibbing. But because that's too obvious, people disguise it by scratching their nose.
LOOKING UP: if you look up you're seeking help from above. People with a sense of self-importance also do it, suggesting they're in contact with the Almighty, reports the Daily Mail.
BLINKING: It's a sign someone's worried, excited or even lying as they're under stress and thinking very rapidly.
LIP NIBBLING: Lip nibbling, whether biting the lower lip or a corner of the mouth with the upper teeth, prevents someone from speaking, so it's used by people who want to stop themselves from saying something.
TILTING HEAD: Often used by a woman to flirt and appear more attractive.
It appeals to a man because it lowers her height; -mimics a baby putting its head on its mother's shoulder; and exposes the neck. As the neck is one of the most vulnerable parts of your body, showing it to someone is a way of saying, "I trust you implicitly."
FURROWED BROWS: Lowering the brows is a dominance gesture used mainly by men, which tells people, "I may be looking at you, but I'm in charge."
SHIFTING WEIGHT: When you want to escape from a conversation, you shift your weight from side to side or back to front.  Men also sometimes do this when chatting to a pretty girl to make themselves appear energetic.
OPEN HANDS: Showing the palms of your hands is a friendly -gesture showing that you have peaceful intentions. It indicates acceptance, good intentions and that you're open to new ideas.
Hiding them, on the other hand, shows that you don't want to give anything away.
FOOT POINT: The way your foot is facing indicates what you're thinking. Follow the line of someone's foot and it will show you what they're most interested in - if it's the door, they want to leave.

Source: http://in.news.yahoo.com/why-shouldnt-trust-someone-scratches-her-nose-20110219-013838-494.html

Wednesday, 23 February, 2011

New things

New things to be useful in Practical life




i dont know what is the below one is used for ???